Security Systems

Security Systems

Outdoor Beams

Outdoor beams are probably one of the most effective early warning systems which one can get.

There are different types of outdoor beams, each with its own area of expertise ensuring maximum protection.

Transmitter / Receiver Beams result in less false alarms if one ensures that the line of vision is kept clear. There are two parts to this piece of equipment, namely a transmitter and a receiver. Each part is mounted on either side of the line of protection. Something needs to break the beam in order for the signal to trigger. These beams can be set up on your fence line or across your driveway or windows. To make it almost impossible for intruders to beat these beams, we generally install them out of site of any wandering eyes.

Outdoor passives have a broader area of protection, these can be installed in garages, on patios or even in ceilings where the conditions are harsh but protection is needed. These passives work very similarly to the passives which you find in your house but can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures and moisture.

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Security Systems

CCTV Systems

There are endless possibilities which you can do with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Security Systems.

B-SECURE proudly installs all types of security systems, from general hardwired CCTV security systems to Numberplate recognition and QR code readers.

We install the DVR, camera and any security software needed so there is no need to outsource your CCTV needs.

General CCTV systems can record directly to a DVR system where you can manage, watch, and utilize the footage for whatever reason is necessary. From training purposes to aiding in apprehending suspects CCTV systems have become a necessity in today’s society.

A numberplate recognition system within a complex uses the software to open and close the gate for authorized vehicles or it can send an sms to predefined residents notifying them that there are unrecognized vehicles trying to enter the complex. This technology can also be used for neighborhood watches; petrol stations; business parks the possibilities are endless!

All CCTV security systems can be customized to the specific needs to the individual consumer.

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Security Systems

Access Control

From home to business to complexes. Each entry and exit doors are managed and you can control who can and cannot have access to the area on the other side.

From fingerprint scanners to coded doors, maglocks, strikelatches, multi key locks and much much more. Contact B-SECURE to aide you in controlling who enters and exits your premises.

There are management systems which will be able to keep record of the users who accessed the premises.

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