Security Systems

How safe is your home?

Burglary is a crime that not only strips you of your valuable possessions but also invades your personal privacy. The emotional distress of this crime cannot be measured. The best home is a secure home and taking the necessary steps to protect your home will keep you and your family safe from harm. The basic importance of home security is to safeguard the house from unwanted trespassers such as thieves and burglars/intruders.

There are many ways to secure your home and possessions and some of the common ways to protect your home are:
Paying a full-time security guard to guard your property. Installing a camera system. Form a neighbourhood watch. Group neighbours and contribute to a street patrol guard or install an intruder detection system.

When considering purchasing an intruder detection system:
Good quality equipment is essential. Cheap equipment is often ineffectual or problematic.
It is always worth getting at least two quotations from well-established local companies and checking their references carefully.

Security Systems

Different detectors

It is very very important that you, the customer, knows and understands all the different detectors and sensors and how they function.

The most common detectors used today in internal security are Infra-Red Detectors. These detect sudden change of temperature and are generally good. Then you get magnetic contacts which are fitted on doors and sometimes are good for opening windows.

The next common detector is an outdoor transmitter and receiver beam. These are two active beams that need to have line of sight and are excellent for early warning. It is obviously better to detect the intruder before he enters your property. Remote controls can be used to arm and disarm your alarm and be programmed to be a panic alarm.

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Security Systems

General Advice

We have attempted to address most of the frequently asked questions regarding each topic and we will help you find more details on the topic. We are constantly adding to this site so if you have any thoughts on other topics please Contact Us.

It is always a clever idea to study the information here about alarm systems BEFORE you talk to alarm companies. Chances are they will just send you a salesperson looking at making a sale, so it is essential that you know as much as possible about your options.


These are the names used to describe a combination of electronic devices connected to each other in such a way as to detect unauthorized entry of a premises. The system may then activate locally (sirens etc) and/or send a signal to a control room where further action can be taken such as ARMED RESPONSE / Police services or your own security guarding company that can respond to your assistance. There are many benefits to installing an intruder detection system. Your system will be watching over your home night and day, which can give you peace of mind. If your alarm goes off it could contact help right away so you will not have to worry about contacting anyone yourself.

It is important that you have your intruder alarm linked to the control room to be monitored. There are two common methods of linking the alarm. This is known as the radio link and telephone link. It is best to have both links. It is imperative that you find out how strong your alarm companies radio link strength is. Many alarm companies have a limited size frequency and cannot get a strong signal. Simply ask how far their device can send a signal from. The further it can, the stronger the signal. These are band widths which are controlled by ICASA. If there is anything in particular please Contact Us your concerns and we will address it asap.


Here you can find some useful tips on helping make your home safer.

1. Cut down bushes in and around the entrance to your property as these act as a good hiding place for would be criminals.

2. Before opening your perimeter gate, ensure there is no one loitering nearby.

3. Never drive away from your porperty without checking that your gate has closed properly.

4. Install adequate lighting.

5. Program all the emergency numbers into your cell phone for example: Your security companys control room number (033 342 4222), SAPS (10111), Ambulance (10177) or alternatively dial 112 from your cell phone.