B-SECURE is Helping Out

We have decided that, even though the increasing crime rate is keeping us busy, we plan to give back to the community in our spare time.  This doesn’t consist of donating money to well-known charities. No, this consists of scouting around for the schools, old age homes, orphanages etc who are swept by the way side, and then we spend a longed for Saturday or Friday afternoon doing whatever it is that these organisations need done.

Our first opportunity to give back to the community was when we heard that Peter Pan Special School needed help renovating their grounds. Within two days we had scrambled together a team of volunteers from the B-Secure staff as well as prepared donations from Manchester Building Supplies and Badatsons Mica. Gift of the Givers Foundation, on behalf of B-Secure, went over and above their calling and donated packs to each child as well as staple food for the kitchen.

Our second attempt at making the communities a bit of a happier place was when we cam across White Cross Mission in Ashburton. This shelter is not for the faint hearted. Abused children take refuge under the care of a select few. B-Secure, once again with the help of Gift of the Givers foundation, supplied this mission with a months supply of staple food, cleaning detergents, canned food, nappies and we even employed the services of an electrician to install lights in their dormitories.

Assist seems to be a safe house for any troubled soul and it was only a great pleasure to be able to deliver sanitary towels, baby food, formula, toys, biscuits and plenty more to the empty store rooms of this haven.

This is a childrens shelter with a difference, they work hard at ensuring that the kids are kept better off with them than away from them. Their surroundings are beautiful and the support from the community is fantastic. It is for this reason that the Gift of the Givers and B-Secure were able to supply eSimpiwe with the specific things which they were lacking. And we were happy to do so!

Kammaland is a beautiful school run almost only on a prayer and hope. As we entered the school grounds the fresh air carried the shrill laughter and shouts of the children. The teacher use innovative and unique ways of teaching the children everything they need to know with the scarce resources which they have. Their computer room still utilises computers which none of us have seen in over 10 years. They are desperate for any help with upgrading their computer room. B-SECURE and Gift of the Givers Foundation managed to donate some well needed blankets for the story telling sessions in winter and basic essentials which every school needs to run on.